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My World And Welcome To It

We began our web presence in 2000 when we started our life on the mission field. (It's still possible to see previous incarnations of our site on the Internet Archives. We've definately moved forward in these years.) Since that time, I've wanted to have some place on this site that would be an expression of who I am. Finally, I'm getting around to it.

I'm the "computer dude" in our family. My profession before the mission field was computers, etc. After putting up our family site, our kids had the first "personal" pages. Then, finally, Angela has put up her pages. I guess that it can finally be my turn.

Anyway, I intend to use these pages to express some of the aspects of my life. For more regular and timely expression I've created my blog page. Now that it's up and running, I'm starting to work on the rest of the pages; those that have more static content. Here's a brief description of the pages and their intended purpose:

  • Audio Teachings FAQ A fair number of my posts are simply recommendations for certain Christian teachings on audio with a brief reason why I recommend them and a link to download or listen to them. This FAQ is there to hopefully give some info to those who need it.
  • Mainframe Utilities This has been my only "personal" contribution to our web site that I've had up for a while. It's a very static set of pages! Before we went on the mission field, I was a computer programmer and database administrator. My computing environment was IBM mainframes. That season lasted about 16 years and during that time, I wrote a number of utilities to make my computing life easier. I put these on the web a while back in hopes that even in their "frozen-in-time" state, they could still make someone's life a bit easier!
  • Mp3Merge This is a freeware mp3 file joiner that I wrote and offer to anyone who wants to use it.
  • Site Search I'm trying to get Google Custom Search to work on my site...still working on it!
  • Song Sheets One of our primary activities in ministry is worship leading. I play guitar and read chord charts to lead from. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for you, I'm not a great player, I don't have a great memory, nor great eyesight. That means I need to have lead sheets/chord sheets in front of me to play and I need them to have BIG chords for me to see them and not get lost! So, I have a lot of worship lead sheets created (most in English, some in French, and a few in German) in Microsoft Word. I've put what I have on-line for download.

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